About the Site:

This site was created initially as a way for me to easily ask for tips by sending people to my own domain. When I saw the domain was available, I started building the site just to host a QR code and by Bitcoin address for opening the door to accept Bitcoin tips. I firmly believe Bitcoin will be a very powerful and popular tool for exchanging money among people with ease. Owning such an easy-to-remember .com site will hopefully make it easy for people to tip me.

Then, after some development of the site, I realized that this would be a PERFECT place to send people in order to learn about Bitcoin in addition to hosting my tipping addresses. From there, the nerd in me decided this would be a project to play around with for a while. And here we are!

The site was built using Joomla! This is an open-source website, meaning the code that makes the site run is free to the public to use, build upon, and distribute. Just like Bitcoin, Joomla! is a transparent system made to make the world a better place. Check it out if you get a chance!




About the Creator:

My name is Brian Fediuk. I am a high school technology teacher, computer nerd, hobbyist programmer, casual web developer, and probably a few different things depending on who you're asking. I've been a huge Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fan since 2013, and it has been a great journey full of learning experiences and exploration.

Other Websites I have created:

www.brianfediuk.com - My website where I blog about my life, complete product reviews, and offer web-design services.

www.theregoesmypaycheck.com - A website aimed at offering great impulse purchase options. Check out some of the cool and funny products!

www.firstyearflipped.com - A website for helping teachers "flip" their classroom to offer a different and/or better way to teach students

www.briancodes.com - A website that teaches the absolute basics of programming in Python (and maybe more!). Work in progress, expect this to surface in Summer 2017!