One of the most interesting aspects of Bitcoin is digital scarcity. By being a deflationary currency, Bitcoin becomes more and more scarce as people adopt. With this idea in mind, once you own a certain percent of the 21 million coins, your ownership percentage never decreases unless you decide to spend it. Jokingly, users started naming "clubs" that people joined by owning a certain number of Bitcoin. Nowadays, these levels of exclusivity can bring us to some interesting conclusions:


Additional Facts:

  • Evenly divided among all people on Earth, all 21 million Bitcoin evenly distributed would give each person less than 0.003 BTC.
  • Evenly divided among all Americans, all 21 million Bitcoin would give each person less than 0.07 BTC.
  • It is estimated that almost 3 million Bitcoin have been lost, which changes the distribution rate in the above stats.
  • There are roughly 5,820,203,717 ounces of gold in the world. One ounce of gold is roughly as rare as 0.0036 BTC.